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Welcome to Landswater lakes
(Landswater lakes Whatsapp Account for questions: +491705915262)
Depths on the map are in meters

Important COVID-19 information:
If your trip to us is not possible due to the legal regulations on COVID-19, you will receive the full deposit back! This applies to:

- border closure of Germany
- Quarantine regulations for entry into our country
- Your own protection if our region is designated as a risk area for your home.

Should any of these things happen, you have the option of getting your deposit back or securing your swim by changing your booking to a new date.

About Landswater lakes:
LANDSWATER LAKES manages two fishing lakes in north-west Germany, near the Dutch border. Our first and smaller lake "CARPNADO lake" is 5.5-6ha/13.6-14.8ac in size (water surface!). There are only 2 double-swims there, so each pair of anglers (2 per swim) has enough space and privacy. With a maximum of 4 anglers on 2 swims, this is a very unique lake with no "mass tourism". Due to the large area of ​​water available to the anglers, boats are used to bring out the lines even at greater distances. For your safety we have very stable hard plastic boats which do not capsize. The boat with equipment is included in the booking price!

Our second and larger lake "Diamond lake" has a size of 10ha/24ac and will get 4 double swims. Diamond Lake is under construction and will open in 2022.

We only offer weekly tickets at our lakes.
WEEK (Arrival: Fridays 12 noon - Departure: Fridays 10am)

Information about our lakes, the facilities, the swims and our fish stock can be found on our Facebook page (Landswater Lakes) or Facebook group.

On this page you can send a booking request for CARPNADO lake. After booking you will receive an e-mail with further information about the payment (Please check your Spam filter). You have the options to pay by Paypal or bank transfer. Only after receipt of payment the booking is confirmed and you will get all information about our lake and a few tips what you need for fishing on our lakes.

The prices include the fishing license for 2 anglers on one swim, a boat with equipment and 10kg pellets.



Price list 2021/2022:

Prices for a 2 anglers swim (Westpole or Eastpole):

Total price for 2 persons including 10kg pellets, boat with echosounder, e-motor and accus

- WEEK: €790

To make a booking, please select the desired swim below

Prices for a 4 anglers exclusive booking:

Total price for 4 anglers from the swims Eastpole and Westpole including 20kg pellets, 2 boats with echosounder, e-motor, and accus

WEEK: €1.490

If you want to book exclusive please send an email to or WhatsApp +491705915262


Calais -> 480km
Hoek van Holland -> 280km
Utrecht -> 180km
Brussels -> 340km

- 5,5ha /13,6ac water surface (6ha/14.8ac at full water level)
- some underwater weed from July-November between 1.5m and 4m
- depth: 0-11 meter (average depth: 5.5-6m)

- Carp up to 67.2lb/30,5kg
- Pike up to 120cm
- Perch
- Pike-Perch
- Roach
- Eel
- 4 small albino catfish
- 1 sturgeon
- no bream has been caught so far

- water toilet
- indoor shower and outdoor shower with heater
- solar power with battery storage at all swims (max. 300W)
- completely fenced
- car parking at swim
- swims with gravel floor
- no drinking water

- Whaly 310 (310cm) very stable and made of hard plastic
- Echosounder Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro
- E-Motor MinnKota 50lbs or EPROPULSION Spirit 1.0
- 2x Accu
- inflatable life jackets

- next supermarket: 5km
- hospital: 10km
- next carp tackle shop: 10km
- friendly dogs are allowed
- arrival: 12:00 - 13:00 / noon
- departure: bevor 10:00am

By booking the following terms are recognized.


• For carp fishing, only drop-off lead systems are allowed!

• When carp and predator fishing: fish must be drilled from the boat!

• Particles (corn, wheat, etc.) and Boilies may be fed a maximum of 3 kg in total per angler and day. Boiled hemp and CARPNADO Pellets are exempt from this. The CARPNADO team may control the amount of feed carried. We recommend feeding only with our pellets. Bags of lake pellets (20kg = 70€) can be bought on site at any time if required. The best catch results in carp fishing were achieved by feeding a carpet with lake pellets and using a single hook bait (Wafter, Boilie, Pop-Up etc.).

• Every angler has to keep the swim and shore clean. Garbage bags are available from us! The disposal of one garbage can (120L) is free of charge. Additional garbage bags for the garbage can have to be taken along or can be disposed of by the CARPNADO team for a fee of 5€.

• Unhooking Matts, Landing Nets, Weight Slings, Water Buckets and Fish Care Kits are provided, do not bring/use your own.

• Drug and excessive alcohol consumption prohibited

• The use of boats is allowed, but is at your own risk. Life vest must be worn when in the boat at all times.

• Anglers must leave by 10am on Friday morning and new guests must not arrive before 12.00.

• The angler is liable for all damages caused by him. Fishing and staying at CARPNADO is at your own risk.

• The gentle treatment of the fish has the highest priority.

• The statutory provisions of the Fisheries Act Lower Saxony and the German Animal Protection Act must be observed.

• Maximum of 2 anglers per swim and 3 rods per angler


• Hooks smaler then size 6, Crank Hooks

• small H-Markers, Plastic bottles and bags or other items as markers to use

• Keeping fish and using carp sacks

• Bring your own boats. The use of a CARPNADO boat is included in the fishing price! Bait boats are allowed!

• Tiger nuts and other nuts or potatoes, frolic and unsuspended particles

• Celebrating parties or playing loud music (maximum 1 visitors per swim. visitors not over night)

• Campfires are strictly prohibited. Barbeque only with gas grill

• Cutting back / crushing etc. of any vegetation

CARPNADO lake attaches great importance to the balance between fish harvesting, stocking and natural reproduction.  The removal of fish is possible as follows:
Eel: from 35cm
Pike: 50cm -> 75cm (closed: 01.02. - 31.05.)
Trout: from 25cm
Carp: 35cm -> 60cm
Catfish: 50cm -> 100cm
Pikeperch: 45cm -> 60cm (closed: 01.02. - 31.05.)
For reasons of hedging, fish above the maximum level or by-catches that can not / should not be removed must be release savely.
All fish must be landed with the provided landing nets and further treated gently in the provided unhooking mat. If a fish is to be taken for distortion, it is expertly to kill. Keeping live fish in sacks, weighslings etc. is prohibited!

50% within 5 days after booking request (Paypal or Banktransfer)
50% cash on Arrival

Within the first 14 days after booking:
you will get your money back
more than 14 day after booking:
you will not get any money back